Day: September 6, 2023

Tough, Durable and Reliable

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Mack trucks have a bulldog hood ornament because of their reputation for being tough, durable, and reliable. The bulldog is a symbol of strength, tenacity, and determination, all qualities that Mack trucks are known for.

A gold bulldog hood ornament signifies that the Mack truck it adorns is 100% Mack, meaning that it has a Mack engine, transmission, and axles. A chrome bulldog hood ornament indicates that the truck may have some non-Mack components.

The association between Mack trucks and bulldogs dates back to World War I, when British soldiers nicknamed the Mack AC models used in the Allied effort “Bulldog Macks” because of their tenacity. The Bulldog moniker stuck from that point on, and in 1932, Mack Trucks officially adopted the bulldog as its mascot.

The first Mack bulldog hood ornament was designed by Alfred Fellows Masury, a chief engineer at Mack Trucks. Masury hand-carved the first model of the bulldog out of a bar of soap while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery. The bulldog hood ornament was an immediate success, and it has been a signature feature of Mack trucks ever since.

In addition to being a symbol of Mack’s reputation for toughness and reliability, the bulldog hood ornament also serves a practical purpose. On older Mack trucks, the bulldog could be used as a handle to tilt the hood open. Today, the bulldog hood ornament is mostly decorative, but it remains a beloved symbol of the Mack brand.

The Mack bulldog hood ornament is one of the most iconic symbols in the trucking industry. It is a reminder of Mack’s long history of innovation and its commitment to building trucks that are tough, reliable, and durable.

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